Gold Series

Limited edition – signature models “made right for you"


The GOLD SERIES projector models represent the pinnacle of SIM2’s design, craft and engineering skills.

The SIM2’s GOLD SERIES models incorporate only the finest and carefully chosen selection of components, tested one by one to achieve unprecedented image perfection.
Combining traditional craftsmanship with high technology and absolute exclusivity, the GOLD SERIES projectors deliver a combination of performance, rarity and fastidious attention to detail – both inside and out.
Each of the components used internally and externally are hand-selected for their excellence and flexibility. Only the perfect parts make it to production.
An obsessive tuning for every component and detail … and much more!


The projectors of the GOLD SERIES line are not available in stock, they are produced “off line” by trained engineers one by one for each customer, starting from the moment of the order. The production takes a longer time for all the tests and extra set up. There is no time limit for the production, with the aim to have to the perfect product.


Once the projector of the GOLD SERIES line is ready, the specific customer’s theater is simulated in the factory to test the projector in the specific application. This grants that all the performances are at the highest level in the specific theater of the customer and they may be approved by dedicated staff.
On top of the tests, the projector is also set up and pre-adjusted by the factory, right for the customer’s theater thus allowing a faster and more accurate installation.


Home Cinema is, above all, a cultural business where the pleasure of viewing films and events in the most real way possible, immersing the viewers in the event itself, is combined with thrills and emotions that movies provide. But with the SIM2 GOLD SERIES projectors, the pleasure comes also from the awesome feeling of owning the best home cinema system and be proud of it.

 The GOLD SERIES product line is now made of 2 models:

❖ NERO 4S GOLD SERIES for large theaters and the most demanding cinema enthusiasts

❖ CRYSTAL 4 SH GOLD SERIES: for mid/large screen size theaters and living rooms

Nero4S Gold

Better than the best: selected components, a dedicated production, extra features for this “signature” projector in a limited edition.

Crystal 4 SH Gold

The limited edition signature Sim2’s laser based front projector