Crystal 4 SH Gold

The limited edition signature Sim2’s laser based front projector


In  the year that celebrates the 3 decades of excellence in projection, Sim2 is proud to present the projector that best represents these years of passion and obsessive attention to the quality of performance: the CRYSTAL 4 SH GOLD SERIES.

An extraordinary brightness (up to 4,000 lumen) accompanied by an equally extraordinary colorimetry and contrast with super-selected optics and the professional ability to calibrate and adjust according to one's wish and ability (through a custom made SIM2 LCC 6.0 software) plus custom made production and a special set up by  the factory (with simulation of the Customer's theater) make the CRYSTAL 4 SH GOLD SERIES  an object for a few and selected users who want "everything" in a projector that really has it all in the elegance of its shape.

The new high-precision lens, coupled with our latest laser-hybrid light source, the latest 0.66“ DMD with state of the art processing and perfect HDR management, create the best SIM2 middle hi-end product we’ve ever made.
The Crystal 4 SH GOLD SERIES is a product at the top of the medium category that will be produced on order for each customer with a lead time of about 60 day.

It is a selected and numbered product that today cannot exceed 50 pcs/year and that represents, like the flagship model NERO4S GOLD SERIES the best of these 30 years of excellence. The CRYSTAL 4 SH GOLD has a distinctive sign in its livery with the gold color but above all under the livery it has an extraordinary heart

Key features

  • Special “off line” dedicated production
  • Max production per year: 50 pcs all numbered.
  • Custom pre-set up in the factory by simulating the customer’s theater installation
  • Brightness in Boost mode up to 4000 Ansi
  • Special adjustments for custom integration
  • New Display modes including the new "Boost"
  • Highly Selected crystal glass Lens for perfect focus definition
  • Super Professional Color Management via the new and custom made SIM2 LCC 6.0, able to modify colorimetric or brightness requirement.
  • Special USB memory stick with the LCC 6.0 software
  • Customized user manual with the product special number mentioned and hand written.
  • white gloves inside the package for a "fingerprint free" handling.

High Brightness & High Dynamic Range (HDR)

That said, brightness without dynamics and proper management is not enough to create an extraordinary picture: based on our 20 years of experience in DLP development, coupled with the experience gained in designing the award winning NERO 4S, we are now able to provide simply the best emotive experience in home cinema.

Perfect HDR

SIM2 is the company with one of the longest and most qualified experiences in the field of HDR, both in flat monitors and in video projection, having started to work on HDR more than 17 years ago. HDR processing is THE real revolution in video imaging and home cinema performance.
The Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES features the same HDR processing developed for the world famous SIM2 NERO 4S GOLD SERIES, recognized as the reference standard for HDR image perfection. The result of this accurate HDR processing is to make visible all image details either in the dark and/ or bright parts of the image: an impressive cinematic achievement and quite an experience!


Accurate and vibrant lively Colors

A weak point of many Laser hybrid projectors has been the “colors”: images often appear yellowish or greenish.
The Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES sports a perfect white point color and an expanded color space, achieving the DCI standard * (the color space of commercial Digital Cinema projectors). This means perfect reproduction of images that look nothing more than “natural”
* figure calculated statistically. Due to optical tolerances the products may have slightly different color spaces.

New laser

The use of the latest developments in the blue laser as well as in phosphor technology in the Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES combine high brightness with a color gamut that reaches DCI, offering natural, true colors with correct color stability. The Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES features the latest semiconductor technology in solid-state laser applications for blue coherent light emissions.
This model uses 2 color wheels: one with phosphors and one with dichroic filters. The first with its latest generation green and yellow phosphors offers constant emissions over time and as the temperature changes.
The second purifies the colors, with which SIM2, with its long experience in the field of colorimetric reproduction, has reached an unusual degree of colorimetric reproduction accuracy in the Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES.

Domino 4
Crystal 4 SH

Projection lens

The Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES uses a SELECTED high resolution, very low dispersion projection lens, in order to reduce the optical tolerances to the minimum possible.
This lens allows together with the excellent performance of the DMD, very low background light and a contrast at the highest levels seen on the market.
Its characteristics of clarity, sharpness and uniformity over the whole screen, of low chromatic aberration and low geometric distortion, allow the Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES to achieve impeccable optical performance typical of much higher priced projection systems.

Last and best DMD chip

SIM2 has chosen one of the largest and much improved UHD 4K DMD chip released by Texas Instruments for all its home cinema projectors including the new Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES. The 0.66” DMD chip allows a higher brightness and much lower dispersed light, compared to the smaller 0,47” chip, thus delivering images with a higher contrast and lower black level: perfect for home cinema applications.

Crystal 4 SH
Domino 4

Anticlipping Contrast Adjustment: properly adjusted according to the “nit” of the disk

SIM2 developed special processing that automatically adapts the parameters of the projector to the various Blu-ray disks and in particular to the “nits” of the disks,
thus preventing the clipping of the image in the bright part. The result is a rich image with all details visible.

Automatic Color Calibration

Like the Nero 4S GOLD SERIES, the Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES comes with the LCC 6.0 (Live Color Calibration), a special PC software developed by SIM2 that allows accurate automatic color calibration. By connecting a color probe and the projector to the PC, the Sw allows graphic adjustment of both the primary and secondary colors to arrive at the target chosen. The process can also be automatic.

Crystal 4 SH
Domino 4

Luxury and elegant crystal glass cabinet

Home cinema projectors are now used more and more in living rooms as well as bedrooms on top of dedicated theater, therefore they have to be properly integrated in interiors to avoiding the appearance of an obtrusive piece of technology that degrades the aesthetics of the room.
The Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES sports an elegant and minimalist crystal glass-based cabinet for a sleek look when installed in the ceiling, over a bookshelf or furniture. It comes in either a white or black glass finish, one that can be integrated in modern or classic environments.
An invisible crystal glass back door hides all the inputs, cables, and connectors.

“A whisper in the air”

In some installations, the projector is really close to the viewers (i.e. small theatres with a low ceiling, etc.) and therefore the projector has to be really silent.
The new Crystal 4 Sh GOLD SERIES is one of the most silent projectors in the market. Thanks to the design of the cooling system, and the solid 6 mm Crystal glass cabinet that prevents noise to come out from top, back and front of the projector.

Crystal 4 SH

Technical Specifications

DLP® Type and Image Resolution:

0.66” UHD DMD, 3840x2160 pixel

Dynamic Range:

HDR 10, HLG with dedicated EOTF display modes and four presets

Motion Compensation:

3 Settings available

Light engine:

100% Off-Set


up to 4000 lm

Light Source:

Laser Hybrid, Blue Lasers and Phosphors

Color Adjustments:

Primary and Secondary colors, White Point

Color Wheel:

RGBY, no white sector


Special selection of a High definition pure-glass lens optics

Lens shift:

100%-115% (Lens Offset)

Lens Throw Ratio (+/-5%):

1.4 - 2.24 :1

Zoom Range (Ratio):



Inputs: 1xHDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 /MHL 2.1, 1xHDMI 1.4a HDCP 1.4, 1xVGA HD15 Output: 1xUSB Type A Charger only (5V/1.5A)


1x12V Trigger Communication: RJ-45 (support, web control), RS232 9 D-SUB, USB - Type A (service-FW upgrade)

Vertical scan freq.

24-120 Hz

Mains voltage range:

100-240 Vac, +/- 10%, 50-60Hz, Autoranging

Power Consuption:

395W max, <0.5W stand by mode

Projector weight & dimension (WxHxD):

14,5 kg
507 x 392 x 181 mm

Throw Distance

2,5m ÷ 9m for focus range