CUBE 20th

Entertainment on the largest screen

Entertainment on the largest screen


Technology:: Single-chip DMD ::Full 3D features(*) Resolution:: Full-HD - 1920 x 1080 pixels Light source:: 190W UHP lamp (dimmable 165W) Brightness(1):: up to 2,300 Ansi Lumen (in 2D mode)


Lens throw ratio:: 1.38-2.05:1 (+/- 5%) Picture size (inches diagonal):: 50-180 Aspect ratio:: 4:3, 16:9, Anamorphic, Letterbox


Horiz. scan freq.:: 15, 30-102 KHz Vertic. scan freq.:: 24-120 Hz Color System:: PAL (B,G,H,I,M,N,60); ::SECAM; ::NTSC 3.58; ::NTSC 4.43; ::SDTV: 480i/p, 576i/p; ::HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 1080p


Digital::2x HDMI (v.1.4 with Deep Color) Analog::1x S-Video (miniDIN 4 pin) ::1x Composite Video (RCA) ::1x Graphic RGBHV (D-sub HD15 pins) ::1x Component - YCbCr/RGBs (RCA) Other::1x RS-232 (D-sub 9 pins) ::1x miniUSB (B type - Service) ::1x USB (A type - power only) ::1x 3D Sync Out ::1x Video OUT (monitor) ::1x 12V 100mA output


Software control:: upgradable via RS-232 or mini USB Power supply:: 100-240 VAC +/-10% Power consumption:: max. 260W Projector weight:: 9 kg. / 19.8 lbs Projector dimensions (WxHxD):: 315 x 190 x 315 mm (12.4” x 7.5” x 12.4”)


:: Quick Start guide and AC cords :: 2x HDMI 90 degree adapter :: 1x remote control (black finish) :: 4+1 pcs PLASTIC ANGULAR BRACKETS :: included in the accessory kit - 1 pc spare tilt-adjuster for special installation


:: SIM2 VISUS Active Glasses (4 pcs.) + Emitter (*) :: SIM2 VISUS Luxury box (8 additional Active glasses) :: SIM2 VISUS SYSTEM Luxury box (7 Active glasses + Emitter)


Black Crystal-glass (only)

(*) A SIM2 3D emitter and glasses pack is required to initiate 3D feature (sold separately for CRYSTAL CUBE model).

(1) ANSI Lumens specification: This is the typical projector brightness specification found in most sales literature. This measurement allows for direct comparison with other manufacturer’s projectors. Measurements are taken in a totally dark test room with brand new lamp at full power, lamp’s native white color temperature, internal test pattern (full white) and in compliance with ANSI IT7.228-1997 specification.

Due to constant product development, specifications are subject to change without notice.