CRT:: 3 x 8" CRTs, liquid cooled, high brightness, high resolution; with impregnated cathode for long life (average life: more than 10,000 hours) Lenses:: HD8B, high definition fully colour corrected by multilayer coating. Main lens quartz glass. Focal length 140 mm. F number f/1.1. Focus adjustments for the centre and borders. Optical resolution more than10 Ip/mm at 50% MTF Brightness:: 1200 peak white lumens Picture size:: 60"-300" diagonal, 182-609 cm screen width Installation:: rear or front projection; either floor or ceiling mounted (ceiling bracket supplied)


Horizontal scan frequency:: 15-105 KHz autolock Vertical scan frequency:: 38-150 KHz autolock Bandwidth:: 75 MHz - 3 dB (RGB input) Resolution:: RGB input:1600 x 1400 pixels Flyback time:: Horizontal: 2.4 µs typ Vertical:: 150 µs typ Colour temperature:: 3200-6500-9300°K plus one user choice selected and adjusted by remote control. (6500°K factory preset). Automatic Cut-Off; automatic highlight adjustment White uniformity:: better than 8% on the colour temperature ANSI method Colour system:: PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43,NTSC 3.58 automatically switched Test signals:: 8 internal test patterns. Electronic Improvements:: D.T.I. and C.T.I. always active, noise reduction ON-OFF selection, sharpness control, comb filter ON-OFF selectrion, Luma-Chroma delay adjustment, NTSC: Hue adjustment, 4/3, 16/9 and wide aspect ratio. Memory manager:: save, copy and move in 40 labelled configurations Source information:: On Screen Display source information selected by remote Control Miscellaneous:: automatic daily switch ON and OFF; tubes working times; built-in clock


RGB Input:: 5 x BNCs VGA input:: via 15 pin D-sub (VGA, SVGA, XGA, etc.) Video input:: via BNC S-Video (Y/C):: via 1 mini DIN 4-pin Video output:: via BNC Serial interface:: D-Sub 15-pin connector (RS 422 - RS 232 standard)

General Data

Input voltage:: 120 Vac 48/62 Hz; 220 - 240 Vac 48/62 Hz Power consumption:: 500 Watt Dimensions (WxHxD):: 620 x 305 x 820 mm Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD):: 840 x 500 x 1030 mm Net weight:: 55 Kg (121 Ibs) Shipping weight:: 65 Kg (143 Ibs) Safety:: in compliance with EN60950 Operative function conditions:: temperature between 0°C and 40°C, relative humidity from 0 to 90% not condensed


Optional::Up-converter (built-in): for line doubling, field doubling for both progressive and interlaced signals. ::YCrCb component input board